BBQ Classes


Sydney Cooking School BBQ Classes


With the addition of a spectacular new BBQ area equipped with a state of the art range of BBQs, Sydney Cooking School now teaches a variety of BBQ classes to suit BBQ beginners and those looking to increase their BBQ mastery alike.┬áIf you enjoy cooking and eating in a friendly and fun atmosphere then Sydney Cooking School’s BBQ classes are for you!

Learn about the various cuts of meat, the best uses for each and how to select the best meat for barbecuing to produce tender, moist meat with incredible flavour. Explore new flavours with unique rubs and sauces, make your own gourmet sausages or produce a spectacular seafood smorgasbord!

Test and practice on a variety of different BBQ’s, learn about different woods, coals and equipment and discover which BBQ’s are best for cooking various dishes, to achieve great results with any style of barbeque.

From BBQ beginners to experienced cooks, learn the tips, tricks and techniques to cook the perfect BBQ. Choose from our range of BBQ classes and find your inner BBQ Master!