List of Cooking Classes

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Short Courses

Adult Beginner 4 week course (4 sessions) Held one evening a week for 4 consecutive evenings, from 6:30-8:30pm, This is a fantastic and informative course, perfect for all ability levels from beginner to intermediate! Learn proper knife skills, make your own soups and sauces, interesting entrees, impressive mains and delicious desserts! During this fully hands-on and informative class you will learn and prepare your own dishes. Recipes are provided. Class sizes are kept small to maximise personal attention so that everyone benefits from the class.

Intermediate Cooking Course (3 Sessions) If you have participated in our Adult Beginner 4 weeks course or already have fair experience in the kitchen, build on your repertoire of skills and recipes with our 3 week Adult Intermediate course, held one evening a week for 3 consecutive evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm. Each week you will learn more fabulous dishes building on your skills and experience. All equipment and ingredients are provided for use during the class. Sample your creations here and take the rest home for later! Recipes are provided. Class sizes are kept small to maximise personal attention so that everyone benefits from the class.

International Cuisine Cooking Classes

Curry Creations
Get creative with flavourful and aromatic curries from around the world. Learn to make Sri Lankan Fish Curry, Thai Chicken Curry & Indian Lentil Curry from scratch in this hands on class.

DIY Dumplings Learn the art of making your own beautiful dumplings in this hands on class. You will learn to make your own dumpling dough which we will then fill with 3 different fillings and well as dipping sauces.

French Classics 1 One of our most popular classes! Be awed and inspired by the skill and delicacy of French style cooking. Be taught by our Head Chef Brett who trained at a 2 Michelin starred restaurant in Paris for a year, before working for renowned Chef Ramond Blanc. Allow Brett to show you some of the traditional French classics. 

In this class you will learn Twice baked cheese souffle, Carré d’agneau a la Provençale (Lamb Provencal) and Chocolate Ganache Tart. Then sit down to enjoy your three course meal accompanied by a glass of wine.

French Classics 2 Learn 3 more French Classics: Warm asparagus vinaigrette, Duck a l’ Orange and the delightfully luscious Apple Tart au Tan.

French Classics 3 The third class in our fantastic French Cooking Class trilogy, offering a new fabulous, fresh and fun classic French three course menu. In this class we will learn 3 more French Classics: Chicken liver parfait, Beef bourguignon and Crepe Suzette.

Italian Learn to cook delicious Italian dishes with a twist in this 2 hour hands on class before sitting down to eat as a group with a delightful glass of vino!

Mexican & Margaritas Make real, fresh and healthy Mexican food in this fun and festive class! Join in the fun in making an authentic and delicious Mexican feast, while sipping on freshly made fruit margaritas. Learn how to make your own fresh corn tortillas, empanadas and more!

Spanish Paella & Tapas Prepare your own Perfect Paella. You chose from chicken, chorizo, and a range of seafood or all of the ingredients that you like. While the Paella is slowly cooking we will produce a few Tapas dishes to accompany your Paella. This is followed by Churros served with warm chocolate sauce. This is all prepared while enjoying a glass of wine.

Tastes of Tuscany 1 Enjoy the Tastes of Tuscany and learn to cook traditional Tuscan dishes such as Semolina gnocchi, tomato poached eggs, fried artichokes, braised spatchcock & coffee panna cotta.

Tastes of Tuscany 2 The second class of the Tuscan series enjoys Sweet & sour pumpkin, barbecued cheese wrapped in pancetta, porcini mushroom bake Steak Fette with rocket and parmesan. *Menus subject to change seasonally. Taste of Tuscany 1 and 2 can be taken in any order.

Thai #1 Join Chef Ty Bellingham, Executive Chef of the renowned Sailor’s Thai Restaurant! In his hands-on class Ty will take you through the flavours of modern Thai food. In this first of our 2 Thai cooking classes, be taken on a journey through the flavours of modern Thai food. Enjoy Coconut and galangal soup with chicken and Asian mushrooms and Barramundi with a rich red coconut curry and morning glory.

Thai #2 The 2nd of our 2 Thai interactive and informative Modern Thai classes. Enjoy Cucumber and shrimp salad, Chicken and bean sprout omelette with oyster sauce and Jungle curry of pan seared duck breast with fresh herbs.

Japanese Sushi If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make delicious sushi rolls, nigiri and chicken teriyaki, then this Japanese sushi class is for you! Learn the techniques from our experienced Japanese train Chefs (with over 30 years experience) how to make a variety of sushi and impress your friends and family with your new skills!

Cooking Classes – Other

Healthy & Delicious Learn how to prepare simple and easy healthy meals in our Healthy and Delicious cooking class. We teach you the tricks to help you cook healthier and eat healthier. Learn how to use fresh seasonal vegetables, grains and pulses to accompany the healthy meal you’re creating. This is a hands-on and informative cooking class.

Perfect Pasta & Gnocchi
Learn to make your own gnocchi, pumpkin ravioli, baked duck tortellini and fresh handmade pasta. Roll and cut your freshly made pasta into taglietelle or angel hair . Plenty to eat and enough for you to take home. Includes wine.

Duck & Chicken – Learn the art of preparing the perfect crispy skinned duck breast, an impressive rolled chicken dish, the perfect roast and poached chicken plus other creative ways to cook chicken and duck! Hands-on, suitable for all levels.

Easy Weeknight Meals 1 & 2 Great for busy families, couples, cooking for one and even beginners! Learn the basics of quick and easy meal preparation to get your through your busy week, without having to opt for take away or sacrifice good healthy eating. Build on your repertoire of great quick and easy meals so that you no longer have to spend time thinking “Oh, what am I going to cook tonight?” This 2 hour interactive class will cover 5 fabulous quick and easy meals. Some dishes will be demonstrated by the chef and others will be hands-on. We have 2 of these great classes to choose from, both with different menus. They can be taken in any order.

Knife Skills Class This knife skills workshop is designed to introduce the enthusiastic amateur to knife skills. Ideal for the home cook who wants to learn which knife should be used for which task, you will also learn how to use Chef knives with confidence. Focusing on vegetable and fruit preparation, you will learn to chop, slice and dice like a pro. So, if you want to perfect your julienne, batons and chiffonade, this is the class for you. In this class we will make an Asian style chicken salad, lots of knife work required for this!

BBQ Classes

American BBQ Learn the methods, tips and tricks to recreate your own American BBQ feast at home on your own home BBQ including beef brisket and sticky pork ribs using your own homemade rubs and marinades.

Seafood Spectacular BBQ For Seafood lovers, entertainers and avid barbecuers alike! Nine courses of scrumptious seafood. The Chef will demonstrate the art of preparing and cooking seafood from scallops, oysters, salmon, barramundi, scampi, whole fish and more.

Aussie BBQ Learn the tips and tricks of fabulous barbecuing, preparing and cooking prawns, whole barbecued snapper, lamb shoulder and amazing sirloin steak. Cook up your BBQ feast before we all sit down as a group to enjoy our creations! The Chef will take you through the different styles of barbecue cooking, teaching you how to get that perfectly charred flavour on your meat and learn how to cook your steaks to perfection from rare to medium well.

Middle Eastern BBQ Enjoy the unique cuisine of the various countries that make up the Middle East with dishes such as Chicken Machboos from Kuwait, Lamb Kabsa from Saudi Arabia, Carp Masgouf with Sumac Salad from Iraq and Flatbreads and Home made dips.

Sweets, Desserts, Pastry & Baking

Delicious Desserts Master the art of Panna Cotta, Souffle, Chocolate Fondant, Creme Brûlée & Lemon & Passionfruit Curd tart. Over this 2 hour class you will make all these desserts, then eat them or take them home for later. If you are Gluten free, no problems! 4 out of 5 of the desserts can be done gluten free.

Chocolate Desserts Chocolate Mousse with flourless orange cake, Chocolate brûlée cigar, Chocolate Tart, White chocolate & coconut truffle and the Chocolate macaroon.

Homemade High Tea Impress your guests with a delightful Homemade High Tea with your very own homemade mini desserts! Have you been afraid to attempt the infamously difficult macaron or make perfectly moist Red Velvet cupcakes? During this class our fabulous pastry demonstrate the basics for making your own macarons. Learn how to make Choux Pastry to create gorgeous hazelnut profiteroles and eclairs. A selection of 5-6 mini desserts will be demonstrated per class including Macaron, Coffee Eclair, Hazelnut Profiteroles, Chocolate Tart, Red Velvet Cupcake, Lemon Pastry.

Baking Bread and Brioche During this 3 hour baking bread class, you will learn how to make your own sour dough bread, flavoured bread like pumpkin & fetta or tomato, basil and olive and lucious brioche. You will get to take home all the bread you make as well as extra sour dough for cooking at home.

Pastry Masterclass For those serious Pastry Cooks this 3-4 hour hands on Pastry master class you will teach you how to make puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, sweet pastry and choux pastry. With some of your shortcrust pastry you will make a savoury tart which you can enjoy for your lunch and create a chocolate ganache tart with your sweet pastry. Take your choux pastry home ready to turn into profiteroles. There will be lots of food to eat, plenty to take home, as well as all your extra pastry to take home for later.