Sydney Cooking School

Cooking Classes

At Sydney Cooking School we offer a range of cooking classes to suit all ability levels, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced cook. Classes are fun, hands on, interesting and with a range of cuisines to choose from there is something suitable for everyones tastes. From French, Italian, Mexican or Spanish, to DIY Dumplings, Thai or a Fabulous BBQ class, you will learn tips and tricks from our experienced Chefs while enjoying

We design our cooking classes and menus to be achievable for all skill levels whether you are learning to cook or looking to build on your skills. Our Adult Beginners Course is the perfect class to start if you’re looking to poach an egg or cook the perfect steak. Held one night a week for 4 consecutive weeks, in the evening from 6:30pm-8:30pm, the first class focuses on knife skills and Basic cooking/preparation skills. The second class focuses on entrees and the third week on mains. In the final week you will learn to make a variety of delicious desserts, guaranteed to impress anyone. Almost all of our classes offered are fully hands on and interactive.

To ensure you get the most out of your experience we like to keep our class sizes small (10-15 people). Our classes are small (less than 20 people) and personal so that everyone gets the most benefit out of their time at the class.