Mystery Box Events

Looking for something a little more challenging?

Get your Team to think OUTSIDE the box, by using only what is IN the box with our Mystery Box Challenges!

We offer a few different formats of the Mystery Box challenge. You will be divided into teams and each group will receive a box of ingredients from which they will have to design their entree and their main course. These will then be served platter style for the whole group to share, taste (and judge) each others creations.

Groups will have to work together to plan and design their menu utilising the ingredients in their box and also the general purpose pantry items that will be accessible to everyone. No one will know the contents of the box until all is revealed on the day. Teams will have to display good communication skills to discuss innovative and creative dishes for their menu and good time management skills to prepare and complete their meals in the required amount of time.

The teams will then present their entrees and mains to the group and the chef (and also the other teams) can judge and score each team. The votes are tallied and the winner is announced. You are more than welcome to bring any prizes for the winning teams if you wish.

Mystery Box Challenges start from $155pp. Please Contact Us for more information.