Our Cooking Classes

Here at Sydney Cooking School we offer a range of cooking classes to suit all ability levels that are fun, interactive and interesting. We offer classes across a wide range of International cuisines from Asian, Italian, French, Modern Thai, Sri Lankan, Middle Eastern, Spanish Paella and Tapas, Mexican and Margaritas, Japanese Sushi and many more. We also offer classes that focus specifically on one certain item that you might want to perfect such as Chicken, Duck and Pinot, Steak and Shiraz and a range of BBQ classes including Seafood, Greek, Meat Lovers and Aussie BBQ. And we also offer many focusing on skills, techniques and areas of interest such as Delicious Desserts, Chocolate Desserts, Baking, Cake Decorating, Pastry Masterclass, etc and much much more.

All our cooking classes are geared towards the home cook and being achievable for people to do at home too. We also offer an Adult Beginners Coursewhich is held one night a week for 4 consecutive weeks, in the evening from 6:30pm-8:30pm. The first class focuses on knife skills and then the preparation of salads, sides and accompaniments putting those knife skills into practice. The second class focuses all on entrees, then mains and then the last week desserts and sweets. The first class commences on Tuesday 20th August.

View a video (below) of our Chef, Brett in action during a cooking class!

Almost all of our classes offered are fully hands on and interactive. In some you prepare a 3 course meal, some a banquet or buffet of food is prepared and for for those such as pastry or deserts – a range of these items. In the classes that you produce a meal, we all sit down as a group at the end of the class to enjoy your creations and usually there is food that you can take home afterwards. In our adult beginners class, you will take home everything that you make – we do this in order to maximise the time during the class by cooking for the duration of the class.

Our classes are small (less than 20 people) and personal so that everyone gets the most benefit out of their time at the class.  Choose from one of our range of different classes or design one of your own and get a few friends together for your own personal class (min 8 people).


Cooking Class